Mobbing in the study

Essay good Mobbing in the study

Wherever people meet, there is a risk of bullying – even the universities are not free from it.

Bullying has many faces

Whether during the seminars, at the chair, in the canteen or in the flat share: Some like to injure their fellow human beings with stupid sayings, with rumors or personal attacks far below the waist line. Doing this in a group – a “mob” – can make the situation extremely unpleasant.

What is later perceived as “bullying” can have trivial causes, can result from inattention, from misunderstood humor or deliberate provocation.

Mobbing is certainly particularly painful within a WG, where there are hardly any opportunities to get out of the way. The common stay in the kitchen can then be a nerve-wracking affair. People have very different sore spots and personal limits. If these are exceeded, they react extremely irritated.

In some cases, bullying also comes from tangible goals: the victim should be forced to change his behavior, it should submit or it should be disgusted from the housing community. The funds used range from a few pointy comments to a veritable psycho-terror that completely poisons the climate.

Counteract quickly!

Even if it is difficult: Who wants to end bullying, should confront the attacker or the direct way. Perhaps even bafflement will be apparent at first: For one may regard what one has thought to be a few harmless jokes as a personal attack.

Only when this has been clarified – or it has just been established that it can no longer be clarified by a conversation, should countermeasures and alternatives be considered. It is important not to be guided by anger and anger – those who act rashly commits mistakes and offers more attack surface to others.